Software Developed by Ian Pegler

Storyboard Tools 1.7_releas  v.1.0

Storyboard Tools is an organisational tool, primarily of interest to film directors, storyboard artists and film-makers generally.

Storyboard Tools  v.1.7.4F

Storyboard Tools is for film-makers, directors & storyboard artists who want to storyboard a movie on a PC in a manageable way. ST stores all the images together as one file and prints the images in a format portable enough to be taken on set.

SLang  v.2.3.1release2

SLang helps you develop a story by breaking it down into 'Events'. You can tell SLang which event depend on which others by using 'dependency rules'. SLang can use this information to order events or to analyse individual 'threads' within your story.

ScriptMaker  v.2.03f

ScriptMaker helps you develop, write and maintain your screenplay and format it to professional standards. It encourages annotation, which is used to navigate the script either via a tree structure or "virtual index cards".

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