Software Developed by High Criteria, Inc.

Transcription Buddy  v.4.0

Transcription Buddy provides a complete range of playback controls for transcribing audio on a PC.

Total Recorder VideoPro Edition  v.8.4

Total Recorder VideoPro Edition is a video-capture software program that can record from any combination of audio and video sources.

Total Recorder Developer Edition  v.8.4

Total Recorder Developer Edition is an edition of Total Recorder that allows you to integrate the audio and video capabilities of Total Recorder (such as recording, editing, converting, and playing of media data) with other applications.

Phone-In Buddy  v.1.1

Phone-In Buddy allows users to call in dictation or any other type of report, using a standard telephone.

Personal Info Keeper 3.0_build_28  v._28

Never type a UserID or password again.

Personal Info Keeper  v.3.0

Never type a UserID or password again. Never make a mistake entering your name, address, zip code, or other information into a Web Form. Personal Info Keeper (PIK) organizes all your personal information in a convenient tree view.

Liberty Disk Manager  v.2.1.268

Liberty Disk Manager is a Windows application, used to assist in the management of PC drive space. Liberty Disk Manager performs three tasks related to monitoring and managing disk space.

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