Software Developed by Hanspeter Imp

WTM Software Distribution  v.1 5

Make your software better known. With WTM Software Distribution it is the first way to send your software to hundreds of software archives around the world. WTM Software Distribution submits your software in software archives, outomatically.

WTM DIGITAL Photo Protect  v.2 46

WTM digital photo protection tool is useful both for commercial as well as professional photographers.

WTM Crawler  v.1 2

Scan the web with WTM Crawler by Hanspeter Imp - This is an automatic search bot for websites with an own script language. This powerful and fast tool have a lot of different functions.

WTM Copy Protection / CD Protect  v.2.60

Need a good copy protection measure? Worried about piracy? WTM CD Protect - Protect your software against illegal copy. More profit with less illegal copies.

WTM Copy Protection  v.2 52

Worried about piracy? Need a good software copy protection measure? It is highly essential to protect your data today. You need your work to be saved and protected against accidental deletion and corruption.

WinHKI Business  v.1.0

Be it your customers, products or receipts, it's all managed for you easily and efficiently complemented with a user - friendly interface. To conduct a low cost product search just click and get complete updated information on the status of costs.

Templates for free  v.1.0

Free Templates for your homepage. Best for webmaster to save money. You can use this templates free for non-commercial or commercial project.

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