Software Developed by Google

Vocito  v.1.1

Vocito is a desktop UI for GrandCentral for the Mac.

URLShortener  v.5.1.3

Shorten URLs and copy to clipboard or post to twitter directly.

Tunnelblick  v.3.2.8

Tunnelblick is a free, open source Graphic User Interface (GUI) for OpenVPN on Mac OS X.

Spotify Chrome Extension  v.1.0.1

Do you want to know how an artist or group sounds like?

Soap SAP  v.2.01

This program will calculate the amount of base (KOH or NaOH) and the amount (grams or ounces) of DI water needed to make soap from a selection of oils and butters.

Portable grepWin  v.

Portable grepWin is the portable version of grepWin developed to be able to run from a USB flash drive or any other portable device.

Personal Blocklist  v.2.4.1

Block domains / hosts from appeaThe personal blocklist extension will transmit to Google the patterns that you choose to block.

Mono for Android  v.

Mono for Android enables developers to use MicrosoftOao Visual StudioOao to create C# and .

MacFUSE  v.0.4

MacFUSE is a FUSE-Compliant File System Implementation Mechanism for Mac OS X.

IConStruct  v.1.0.0

iConStruct automatically scales pictures to standard icon sizes and autmatically generates masks based on a specified brightness threshold.

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