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WEN  v.

WEN is an Outlook style app, enabling you to track & manage countdowns to your events by dates. Track easily how much time (days) left to dates important to you! Key features: Classic, simple & elegant look with theme & orientation aware.

Toy Windmills  v.

Loves blowing on & playing with toy windmills? Toy Windmill will transform your phone into amazing windmill on demand! Key features: Amazing magically "no hands" interaction - simply blow on the phone to make the mills spin! Touch friendly too...

Tile Flags  v.

Collection of 200+ flags to pin as tiles on your start screen. Browse and view Collection of 200+ flags of the World, pin your favorite ones to your start screen. Multiple flags supported. Be a patriot showcase your

Nespresso's Capsules  v.

Have overview information of your Nespresso capsules on your Windows Phone device. Using a Nesspreso Machine? Pocket Guide to Nespresso's Capsules provides you an easy way getting overview information about all sixteen different capsule types. The

My Clocks  v.

My Clocks is a simple and easy to use world clock application with multi-clocks panorama view support. My Clocks can ease tracking the time at different time zones of your preferred locations or people you're in touch with. Features: Classic,

Lavazza's Capsules Guide  v.

Have overview information of your Lavazza Capsules on your Windows Phone device. Using a Lavazza coffee Machine? Lavazza's capsules Guide provides you an easy way getting overview information about all the different capsule types. The integrated

Lava Lamp  v.

Turn your phone into a Lava Lamp. Lava bubbles float as they heat up, and upon cooling sink back to the bottom, interacting with each other as they collide. The lava lamp type effect is generated in the app by over 20 minutes of non repeating real

Hearing Range Tester  v.

Use Hearing Range Tester to take our unscientific hearing test. When exposed to loud sounds which damage our ears or as we age we gradually lose our high-frequency hearing. Use the 50Hz to 18000Hz tones (Humans hear frequencies) generated by the

GlowStick Toy  v.

Turn your Phone into a amazing GlowStick Toy. Have a fun time bringing light with GlowStick Toy. It's fun and can be used as a great toy for babies & young kids or as a party time Accessory - you'll defently get noticed & the attantion with this.

Distance Signs  v.

Use your phone to find your distance from all the capitals cities & countries up in the windows phone marketplace. Inspired by those Distance Signs you see on trips to unique geographic places around the world... Key features: Over 50

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