Software Developed by Dev4Dev

WindowWatch  v.1. 4. 2010

WindowWatch is a tool that developers and Webmasters can use to quickly preview the results of their efforts. It locks onto whatever window is currently active on your desktop and lets you manipulate it in a variety of ways,

UbGrid  v.1.0.12

ubGrid is an standalone unbound freeware grid which allows the user to edit cells using various masks including numeric only, date only,

PickList  v.1. 3. 1936

PickList is an ActiveX control for selecting items from one list (available) and moving them to another list (selected). This is most useful in applications such as an email client.

Digital  v.5. 2. 1941

Digital allows you to add digital counters, timers and display capabilities to your applications WITHOUT using a timer control! With 8 presets built in supporting US and European formats,

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