Software Developed by Bone

Scary Images  v.

See wchich scary images you got in 10 seconds,

Rayovision  v.

Is an application to see some good

Portal UP  v.

Con esta aplicaciAln puedes entrar a los accesos mA?s comAsnes de la Universidad Panamericana. *Correo *Consulta Personal *Moodle *Campus

Mickey and Frinds  v.

Here are the 6 characters of the caricature of Mickey Mouse. If you dont know them. Download this application if not don't,

IMB  v.

Now you can calculate the calories that you can have in your body with this

Glass Game  v.

Now you can play a little game that you have to guess where are the 3 sticks.

Food Pyramid  v.

Now you can consult the food pyramid from your cell phone, see what you have to eat and see what is missing you from this pyramid.

Factorial Number  v.

With this application you can see the value of any number that you want to know its factorial

Applephone  v.

Now you can fool your friends making think that your Windows Phone can hold the interface of the iphone.

Android  v.

Now you can have the Android system in your windows phone to cheat your freinds that your windows phone hold that operative

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