Software Developed by B-Tech Labs

Ten Commandments  v.

The Ten Commandments, you can view them in simplified easy to understand words or in the original text.

Lap Timer  v.

Lap Timer is a fitness stopwatch so you can time your exercises. It works with the Couch to 5K also. Start the timer and begin your excersices,

IWitness  v.

iWitness is a Christian withnessing tool for Christians on the go! With iWitness you will have your favorite witness methods/tracts in your pocket at all times.

Days of the Week  v.

Help your small child recognize the Days of the Week.

Bible for Children  v.

Bible for Children takes all of your favorites Bible sories and puts them on your mobile, for FREE! Full Color pictures engage your child, while telling the stories of the Bible.

B-Tech Labs  v.

This is the Company App for B-Tech Labs, describes the company, what we do, showcases our apps,

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