Software Developed by Allied Business Systems Inc.

SurfNoter  v.2.01

SurfNoter is great tool that solves of the problem of storing and organizing Web addresses on or off line, in or out of your Browser.

Software Audit Protection Program  v.3.0

Allied published this version as freeware (no cost to the user), because as a member of the Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP) and a software developer since 1980,

DomainMaster  v.2.01

DomainMaster software helps the Web Master manage one or more web sites.

Allied's NotesToMySelf  v.4.0

NotesToMySelf is a simple and effective notes program. When added to the Quick Launch TaskBar the program is then one click away for use while using any other program.

Allied's DomainManagerPro  v.3 1

DomainManager Pro is extraordinary software that helps you manage one, or dozens of web sites. It is a unique program that provides Web Masters an easy way to manage and work efficiently with all the data related to maintaining web sites.

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