Software Developed by Alchemy Mindworks

PNG MNG Construction Set  v.4.0

PNG MNG Construction Set represents the state of the art in animation software.

Graphic Workshop Professional  v.

Graphic Workshop Professional is a feature-rich application for image management.

Animation Workshop  v.4.0

The Animation Workshop enjoys a strong and wide reputation due to the top educations we provide for the international film industry, yet we are much more than a school.

Animation Plugin Transitions 3  v.4.0

Make your graphics into animated transitions - add 20 breathtaking special effect transitions to GIF Construction Set Professional and PNG/MNG Construction Set, including Alpha Bar, Alpha Tile, Backscatter, Burp, Diagonal Raster, Framework, Hurricane

Animation Plugin Transitions 2  v.4.0

Animation Plugin Transitions 2 Installer can be installed in GIF Construction Set Professional and PNG MNG Construction Set.

Animation Plugin Text Effects 3  v.4.0

Create special-effects text that would be difficult to ignore through three inches of solid steel. These are the perfect graphic elements for your web page, PowerPoint presentation, screen saver, Presentation Wizard document or hard copy.

Animation Plugin Electronic Signs 2  v.4.0

Enhance your web pages, PowerPoint Presentations, e-mail messages and other documents with sophisticated electronic sign animations.

Animation Plugin Buttons 2  v.4.0

Make your web pages sparkle, your PowerPoint presentations dance and your e-mail reach through your monitor and grasp your recipients by their collars, shaking them vigorously to make sure you have their complete attention.

Animation Plugin Animated Tiles 1  v.4.0

The backgrounds of your web pages can be animated graphics - we too were shocked when we discovered this actually works. Animated page backgrounds are eye-catching and difficult to ignore.

Animation Plugin Academy Leader  v.4.0

Practically useless and priced accordingly, the Academy Leader plugin will create animated film leaders. If you'd like to try out a simple plugin - or if you really enjoy movie paraphernalia - download this one. There's no charge for using it.

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