Software Developed by Agilent Technologies

Feature Extraction  v.9 5

Agilent's Feature Extraction software reads and processes up to 100 raw microarray image files in an automated, walkaway mode.

Connection Manager Server  v.5.3.2006.1

The Connection Manager Server is a separate software download which manages connections between hardware and software. The Connection Manager can read data from, download data to, and control an instrument.

AppCAD  v.3.0.0002

AppCAD is an easy-to-use program that provides you with a unique suite of RF design tools and computerized Application Notes to make your wireless design job faster and easier.

Agilent VEE Pro  v.9.2.13522

Vee is a Visual Engineering Environment, a platform to develop programs visually instead of text based environments

Agilent IO Libraries Suite LXI Class B  v.15.0.11221

Agilent IO Libraries Suite is a collection of libraries that give you the ability to use your instruments from a test and measurement program, and utilities that help you quickly and easily connect your instruments to your PC.

Agilent Infiniium 548xx Series  v.1.0

This software is an add-in accessory for the Agilent IntuiLink Waveform Editor and is designed to be used with the 33120A, 33220A, or 33250A function/arbitrary waveform generators.

Agilent HSA and N9320B PC Software  v.1 5

Agilent N9320B spectrum analyzer PC software is an PC-based remote control tool for N9320B RF spectrum analyzer.

Agilent B2900A Quick IV Measurement  v.1.0.4203.14758

Agilent B2900A Quick I/V Measurement Software can be used along with your Agilent B2900A Series Precision Source/Measure Unit.

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