Software Developed by Abhishek

Resistor Colour Code Solver  v.1. 3. 2001

Resistor Colour Code Solver is a little freeware program that will calculate the value of a resistor from its colour code and vice-versa. Its colour scheme is easily customizable.

File Extension Changer .NET  v.1.0

File Extension Changer .NET is the .NET version of File Extension Changer. It does not have the advanced features supported in the original program but it supports Windows Vista/7.

File Extension Changer  v.3. 3. 2001

File Extension Changer makes it very easy to change the extension(s) of single or multiple files. It integrates in file's and folder's context menus and makes it very easy to change a single file's extension and extensions of multiple files.

AutoRun Maker Portable  v.1.0

AutoRun Maker Portable simplifies the process of creating autorun CD/DVD discs and USB drives.

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