Windows - File and Disk


SearchWin  v.1 18

SearchWin is a Fast Windows Find File Utility that adds Multi-Term 'Search Engine' capability to the Windows File System. It provides greater power and flexibility than Windows native Find File Utility without the overhead of a database.

More Song Plays  v.2. 2. 2001

Tested and proven to draw major attention, we ran this for several months and found that our chart rankings improved dramatically , and then the fans came in daily wanting to know 'where can I buy your music from!'. Super, amazing and fast!


Password 2000  v.2 8

Internet password account organizer.

Private Shell  v.

Private Shell is a program that runs on your personal computer and is used to login to a remote computer system using SSH protocol that provides significantly enhanced security for your login session including SecureFTP (SFTP) client for easy and sec

MiraWorldTV  v.

MiraWorldTV is a plugin for windows media center. Miraworldtv consolidates various internet TV streams and lets you watch them from your media center PC. MiraWorldTV can be installed on Vista Ultimate or Vista Premium.

Alert Bookmarks  v.10.0.0014

Alert Bookmarks replaces the bookmark or favorites function of your browser, freeing your bookmark data to be used with any browser.

Friends and Families  v.1.0

Friends and Families v1.0 [ASP] Keep track of the special people in your life - especially critical info such as birthdays! This software organizes names, addresses, phone numbers, etc., for individuals or entire families.

Screen Capture to Animation GIF  v.1 1

Capture Screen Activity to a very small Animation GIF file.

Bounce  v.7.0.19

Bounce is a state-of-the-art filtering web browser designed for the modern family. Using a unique scanning engine, Bounce will not allow your children to view innapropriate material on the Internet.

NetArtist  v.1 9

netArtist for WebDevelopers ist a fast and easy way to insert a high comfortable WYSIWYG-Editor in every Website. For easy integriation you can use the netArtist Wizard which is included in this package.

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