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FTP Uploader Creator  v.4.9

FTP Uploader Creator is one FTP Upload Software for pre-configure and create FTP Uploader Droplets (FTP Clients), which upload files and folders to an FTP server - automating and simplifying submission of assets. With FTP Uploader Creator, client

Lexapp  v.0.1

Lexapp is an Adobe AIR application, a distant file management - a new generation FTP client. With the help of Lexapp youll be able to connect and manage your files stored in a remote location.


WebMaster FTP  v.1.1

WebMaster FTP is a FTP software designed for webmasters whose sites are on UNIX-like hosts. It includes all the standard FTP features, as well as automatic setting file permissions, Explorer-style interface and support for UNIX and Apache file types.

ProFTP  v.3.0

This FTP client transfers files using the ARPANET standard FTP. It can transfer files in ASCII or binary formats.

FTPGenie  v.

This program is a file structure comparison program. It allows the user to work both in local mode or remote mode with the same interface. You can track changes to files and directories, utilize smart search operations,

EdtFTPnet/Free  v.2.2.2

edtFTPnet/Free is a world-beating open source FTP library for .NET. It is widely used throughout the world in many projects because of its maturity, stability and reliability. It includes support for active and passive modes, binary and ASCII.

FTPTransfer  v.1.0.1

FTPTransfer is a easy to use FTP client, enable file exchange via FTP. It has everything you need, including the exchange of files via drag & drop. It also allows you to save links to the FTP server to be used in the future. With the aid of this

FTP Push  v.1.0

FTP Push can upload folders that are determined in a settings file via FTP and inform administrators via Email with operation log. Remote folder support and folder recursion is available. SMTP mails are sent through given server with given

JvFTP  v.0.73

JvFTP is java ftp client library, transfer files from your FTP server.SWING VERSIONRequirements: JavaTM 2 Platform JRE 1.5+ free download C:jvftplib> java -jar jvftp.jarAWT VERSIONRequirements: JavaTM Platform JRE 1.5+ free

FTP FileUploader  v.

File upload made easy. FTP FileUploader allows to upload files to a file server via command line, context menu or logon dialog. All logon settings can be stored inside a configuration file.

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