Windows - FTP Clients


FtpRight  v.

FtpRight allows you to upload files -- that is, copy files from your PC to other computers. For example, you would upload files if you need to place your Web pages on a computer system designated by your ISP (Internet Service Provider),

CeeFee FTP  v.0.1b

An easy-to-use FTP Client. FTP client built from the ground up supporting PC Servers, Mini-Computer Servers,


Glub Tech Secure FTP  v.2.5

Secure FTP is a client software that allows for a 128-bit encrypted secure connection to be made to a server that supports FTP over SSL (or FTPS).

GBftp  v.2 RC5

Gabatto FTP or GBftp is the fastest file transfer solution designed to transfer Gb sized files swiftly all at once with the advent of cloud computing.

SSHBridge  v.1.0

Secure communications SSHv2 provider. SSHBRIDGE is an auxiliary software that allows your Windows applications to provide secure communications SSHv2 of extremely simple way.

BatchFTP  v.

This batch FTP software includes auto-script generation for repetitive tasks and full task scheduler integration. It provides a site manager, support for drag-and-drop, and overwrite options. Also has auto-retry,

CuteFTP Pro  v.

Cute FTP Professional is an award-winning FTP Client for securely and reliably transferring files over industry standard protocols including FTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS and SSH. It's the right choice when you want the ultimate in power,

AutoFTP Premium  v.4.8

AutoFTP Premium is an automated ftp client with flexible, built in scheduler, a transfer manager as well as zip/unzip support. It allows you to define auto-recurring transfers for any future data and time.

Win7 FTP Client  v.1.0

The purpose of this Win7 FTP Client is to create a fully functional FTP software that accomplishes most of the tasks professional FTP programs accomplish. The are two builds of this application:1.Windows 7-specific build:

WtsFtp Home Edition  v.

WtsFtp Home Edition is the free version for WtsFtp. WtsFtp was born out of the necessity for a fast, safe,

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