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FNTV - TV and Radio Player  v.3

Watch 1000's of worldwide online TV and radio stations using this software. Watch movies, sport, kids, news, and many other different types of programs. Version 3 improved updates system and much faster to load. What's new in this version: Version 3

Saezuri  v.0.5.10

Saezuri (singing) is a simple Twitter client. Saezuri is an easy-to-use client for Twitter that will enable you to easily get in touch with your friends. Mac, Windows, Linux available.Saezuri TODO: 1. make it easier to use relevant 2. Blocker 3. Show


EMCO noPing ShutDown  v.1.0.0

EMCO noPing ShutDown can Reboot/Shutdown/Logoff/Poweroff your machine if connection to the internet has been lost for xx minutes.

ListNetIP  v.1.4

This software lists all the IP addresses for computers, printers, and other hardware on your network.

Network Crash Simulator  v.0.7 Build 3509 Revision 34614 Beta

Network Crash Simulator can be used to simulate network crashes. It came from a need of QA team to simulate multiple network crashes in a easy way..How it works It's a very simple tool that makes the selected network adapter to be unusable by

QBzr  v.0.23.0

QBzr (Qt frontend for Bazaar) is a simple Qt cross-platform frontend for some of Bazaar commands. Purpose of this plugin is to provide a graphical user interface for those Bazaar commands where it can simplify the usage.

Get Anonymous Personal  v.2.1

This software provides privacy for proxy servers and chains of proxies, referrer blocking, and hides page titles. It also provides protection with a parsing engine, multiple IP addresses, hiding IP address, defensive operating system,

LTwitter  v.0.2

Desktop GUI software around JTwitter API. LTwitter is a desktop client from which users can twitter from the desktop without ever going to the twitter site.Note: The repo is actually Ltwitter's eclipse project root folder.

Email WAN IP  v. Beta

Email WAN IP is a simple utility for any windows user that does not have a static IP from their internet service provider. On an interval you set, e-mail WAN IP periodically checks your Wide Area Network IP address to see if it has changed.

AirLive ADSL Wizard  v.

AirLive ADSL Wizard is a configuration utility for AirLive WT-2000ARM router. A strong wireless router with integrated ADSL modem. For users whose ISP offers USB ADSL modems that make IP sharing difficult or for those who prefer all-in-one design,

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