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Mathaton  v.

Mathaton is about solving a number simple math pieces in the shortest time possible. The game contains three different modes, with a different number of equations and types of equations. Playing Mathaton will increase your ability to solve small

QuizziO  v.

QuizziO has the information for all the countries that include details such as currency, capitals, population, flags, and other information. At the end of the quiz, there is a scoring grade provided with the detailed report card. We hope you enjoy


Learning Flags  v.

Learning Flags provides a platform for learning flags around the world. Random flags will be shown,

MathsFun(Free)  v.

This is free. This game imitates an old Chinese story. It said that a young brother was giving precedence out of courtesy of taking fruit to his elder brothers. So, in this game, who takes the last one of the fruits will win. You may need to know a

Bubbee  v.

The game develops early age cognitive skills by playing. Recognition of colours, logical orders and concentration are the most important skills to be developed by the students. Burst the bubbles! You may burst bubbles with the same colours next to

Hiragana Pixel Party  v.

Featured on Kotaku, IGN and Eurogamer the game that blends language learning with rhythm games finally hits WP7! Learn to read Japanese Hiragana and Katakana characters in a fun chip-tune adventure! Not just for people who want to learn Japanese,

ST_GrowingTrees  v.

Squeeze the clouds to make the trees grow.

Count it!  v.

If you like mathematical puzzles,

Metro Lines  v.

Metro Lines is an addictive puzzle game. You have to find a way to build lines.

MathKarnoid  v.

Un jeu de math permettant au enfant de réviser les tables d'addition, soustraction, multiplication et division. Mais vous pourrez aussi vous en servir pour vous rafraichir votre mémoire. Afin de s'adapter au niveau de chacun, il y a un niveau

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