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Jus Tap It  v.

Very addictive and simple game. People of all age will love this app. Objective is to tap the numbers quickly. It sounds simple but it is addictive Additional Features: Swipe to change app

Calculator Game  v.

Calculator game helps to improve observation along with Math skills. A number is shown and options are provided to arrive at that number. The operations supported are +, -, *, division.


ShapesSelection  v.

This is a very useful game for your children ,

PolishMonarchs  v.

Polish Monarchs

Alphabet training  v.

An animal is displayed, trains bring along alphabets and user has to tap on the letters used in the animal's name, something like hangman, once the word is created completely, the game is over this is for children 4-6 years

Different Tests  v.

It is a game where like in "Who wants to be a millionaire?" you should choose one answer out of four. You may choose between 5 topics, including questions from the original TV show. In 2.0 version we added global table of results, so you may compete

Bolsa de Beto  v.

¡Ayuda a Beto de Plaza Sésamo a contar en esta entretenida aplicación de conteo! Cuenta las sorpresas que encuentra en su bolsa: bolitas, chapitas y ¡hasta el patito de Enrique! CARACTERÍSTICAS: • Juego fácil y entretenido • Nuevo

Fish Your Number  v.

A simple game to speed up your brain.

Kill Word SSE Online  v.

KW Solar System Edition is an interplanetary guess game: have fun testing your knowledge about the solar system! More than 400 words about the planets and moons in our solar system and the spacecrafts that have explored them!! SELECT A CATEGORY AND

IAGWH2  v.

I Am Good With Headlines 2 takes the original game to a new level, its now much more challenging and fun! You get to build real headlines, play a game and read the news at the same time. Update 1.2: bug fixes for online scoreboard Update in 1.1:

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