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Coulomb's Law  v.

This app is solving Coulomb's

RockWithMe  v.

This app lets You hold the Entire World Updates,


Kidzlearn  v.

Kidzlearn is a learning App for toddlers and Kids. it begins with basic ABC and counting. Finally teching Kids about Animal, Birds, Fruits, Shapes, Color and items. Kids come across these very often.

SAT flashcards  v.

SAT flashcards to help you prepare for SAT exam. Make your SAT preparation fun with games including matching, memorize and quiz. Powered by superflashcard with a built-in spaced repetition scheme, the app will also help you memorize SAT flashcards

StatisticsToolBox  v.

Calculates statistics of given set of numbers. Calculates mean, median, sum, standard deviation for a given set of

MottoBook  v.

A motto a day, keep stupid away! MottoBook collects tons of famous quotes and mottos for our readers! In motto book, you can save these mottos to your local album or share with your friends easily, you can listen these mottos via connecting to our

Quote Library  v.

A Simple Quote Application. It consists of 300+ Quotes and also User can add own quotes.Can share the favorite Quote directly to facebook,

Anglais couleurs  v.

Cette application vous aidera à apprendre ou réviser le nom des couleurs en anglais. Langue source : Français. Langue à apprendre :

DecCounterTens  v.

Dec Counter Ten based

NumberFun  v.

This is a panaromic application which makes learning numbers fun for

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