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ADI Theory Test  v.

The theory test for Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) or PDI comes to Windows Phone 7 ! Prepare your theory test for ADI with latest and official DSA revision question bank which has over 920 questions. PREPARE BY BANDS: All questions are sorted

ColourBlind  v.

Colour Blind is a colour coded quiz which will test how quickly you can identify a color when you have to identify that colour which your eye is not looking at.


Gourd3D  v.

Play with a 3D Gourd by touching the

TOEFL Grammar Test  v.

This app provides a suite of grammar tests to prepare students for the TOEFL exam. Each test consists of questions about grammar and sentence structure. In each question, there are four underlined words or phrases, exactly one of which contains

Dictionary1  v.

This app will gives u a dictionary of different type ,

Tomorrow's World  v.

The TomorrowsWorld mobile app is your free app for Christian commentary and articles, high-res Bible and prophecy video, and an expansive Christian booklet library.

RootCalculator  v.

calculate the root of any number, just enter the Number:

Trigo  v.

This app is for maths students focusing on trigonometry formulas. The app showcases the formulas related to trigonometry which are required in their curriculum. Ranging from very simple formulas to complex ones. Students can use this app as

Beer  v.

Interesting facts about the beer,

Power7Series  v.

Power7Series is a simple app that helps students & engineers to perform an important mathematical summation which is ((1^7)+(2^7)+(3^7)+...+(n^7)) in O(1) time algorithm,

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