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Levels_of_Certification_Courses  v.

This application is developed in order to help the students, professionals in choosing their certification courses. The content in the application is been same as that of the Microsoft certification website.

Idioms  v.

This is a fantastic Application to learn Idioms/Phrases in English.


Formula+  v.

Formula+ is an application that will help students to solve physics formulae and physics laws as well as numerical method's calculations by simply giving inputs related to that calculation and obtain an output.

SharpenYourC#  v.

The app has been made for programmers who, though, have a thorough knowledge of the subject, yet they fail to pass a technical interview. There is a collection of 25 C# interview questions. A user can start by clicking on "Begin" button on main page.

Mat 123  v.

Matematik øvelser inden for følgende områder: - Regning (Plus, minus, gange, divider) - Ligninger - Brøker (Plus, minus, gange, divider) - Symbols - Tabel træning de små tabeller - Blandet opgaver fra

DecCounterThousands  v.

Dec Counter based Thousands

De-Vn Traffic  v.

This free German-Vietnamese handbook provides users interested in German as well as Vietnamese a helpful language searching tool for learning, working and traveling purposes. We develop intelligent learning support applications used on smart devices

Kindergarden  v.

It is an application for children aged between 2 to 5 years. this application includes learning alphabets, numbers and colors with the use of images and an easy to use interface. Hope you like it.. enjoy

HelloSpanish  v.

How to learn Spanish? - a question that has an answer! We are offering you to discover the skill, that which you already have, that helps you learn a new language as if you were in its natural spoken environment. HelloSpanish provides you ten fun

Learn Swedish™  v.

Learn Swedish smart and effective You don't have to know anything about the Swedish language to use iTeach Swedish to equip yourself to converse in Swedish. iTeach is designed to be easy to use. It exploits multimedia channels - addicting

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