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Oscar_Wilde_Quotes  v.

A selection of humorous quotes from the inimitable Oscar Wilde,

AstroSentences  v.

Astrosentences is able to randomly build up to 10 million pseudo-scientific sentences for those unscrupulous advisers who want to captivate the audience with impressive words. In Simple mode Astrosentences displays the full sentence,


Write ABC  v.

ABC Writting is right app for kids to learn English letters. Free version will have advertisement. Paid version will not have advertisement. Parents no more need to sit with their kids to help them write letters. The trace feature does your job.

School Scheduler  v.

This app will help you keep track of your classes by reminders so you will never miss a class

PRAXIS flashcards  v.

PRAXIS flashcards to help you prepare for PRAXIS exam. Make your PRAXIS preparation fun with games including matching, memorize and quiz. Powered by superflashcard with a built-in spaced repetition scheme, the app will also help you memorize PRAXIS

Vocab Test  v.

Vocab test is an interesting application that will help you in developing your vocabulary in a easy and funny way .

Computer_magic_tricks  v.

Computer magic tricks has 10 simple tricks that can be implemented in your computer..

Etymology  v.

This app finds the origin of words entered by the user and dates the year of their existence . This is a great application to find the source of words. This application uses Free API and needs an active internet connection to

Daily Word  v.

With this app you'll never miss your daily dose of English vocabulary. Get to learn about a new word everyday with fluid and easy-to-use interface. Along with definition,

General Knowledge  v.

General Knowledge Application contains various questions on topics such as sports,science and technology,inventions and some basic general knowledge questions. This app contains forty questions,ten each on four different

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