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English-Azerbaijani  v.

English vocabulary flashcards for Azerbaijani speakers flashcards to help you study english vocabulary including images and sounds.

World food news  v.

With this unofficial news reader you can get the latest news of World Food Programme. The application shows RSS feeds of latest news, logistics, stories, site feeds, as well as related Twitter feeds. Furthermore, you can browse through news, and


Katakana Practice  v.

Katakana is one of basic Japanese characters. "Katakana Practice" is to learn how to write Katakana correctly by using the touch to trace examples. If you can practice many times repeated, you can master stroke order. About trial version. You can

Animal Cards  v.

Hear lions and elephants in this fun pack of animal cards. Helps children learn animal names and sounds.

Weightlifting Guide  v.

Wanted to know how to do those big 3 power exercises? Maybe a split workout is what you're looking for?

Cells  v.

This app contains info on plants cell and animals cell and shows diagrammatically the organelles present in

Shiv_vandan  v.

This application is for shiv vandana.Mantras derived from the Sanskrit man, meaning to think. Mantra literally means instrument of thought. Mantras are hymns, which are believed to benefit that chants them.

Oscar_Wilde_Quotes  v.

A selection of humorous quotes from the inimitable Oscar Wilde,

AstroSentences  v.

Astrosentences is able to randomly build up to 10 million pseudo-scientific sentences for those unscrupulous advisers who want to captivate the audience with impressive words. In Simple mode Astrosentences displays the full sentence,

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