Windows - Web/Video Cams


VideoChat PlugIn Public 50 Broadcasters  v.1.1

Video chat with your website, blog or forums users, visitors or viewers. Customize the video chat window to your own look & feel. Cut and paste install the generated i-frame code into any HTML coded public web or HTML editor.

Webcam Snapshot  v.1.3

Take snapshots from your webcam fast and easy!. Webcam Snapshot enables you to access your webcam and take Snapshots with 1 click. In addition you can share captured photos via email within seconds. Extra feature:


I-Catcher Sentry  v.3.0

Want to construct a simple visible doorbell system with your Webcam and computer simply? If you need some basic surveillance for your home or small business but can't afford a professional system?

Visionica  v.5.1.4

Visionica is a easy-to-use cloud platform to monitor your security cameras, alowing remote access and offsite recording. Visionica works much like Skype or MSN. Instead of having contacts, you add cameras.

CamSurveillance  v.2.2

CamSurveillance supports you on the way to a secure company. Adjust up to 50 IP addressable network cameras with motion detection and run them simultaneous.

BooruWebCam  v.1.20

booruWebCam is very simple purpose and that is storing the captured images. You can either store them together to disk or directly to the ftp server. From it you can see the picture,

EZ Camera Capture  v.1.0

The EZ Camera Capture is a free software that allows you to capture your camera to the main screen of the program. You can use the EZ Camera Capture for testing the camera of any USB camera, digital camera, webcam camera etc... to your PC.

23Motion  v.1

Sound alarms, capture images, upload images to a FTP server, send Email attachments and capture images at timed intervals. 123Motion works with webcams, DV video devices or DirectX compatible video sources.

MiniCamCap  v.4.7.1

MiniCamCap is a simple and professional webcam video recording software. * Record video clips easily. * Video compression using Xvid MPEG-4 Codec. * Audio compression using LAME MP3 Encoder. * Select audio input from your sound card such as

EyeTwig Tracker Pro  v.0.96

Fully control your computer with movements of your head. Control your mouse with the movements of your head. Stare to click. On screen visual status to see mouse direction and head recognition. Use your existing webcam.

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