Windows - Telephone Tools


Open Mobile  v.0.6.0

A mobile computing front end to help you with your work. Open Mobile is a modular, open source, easy-to-use, mobile computing front end. The framework is designed to be fully modular plugins on a shared framework and rendering engine, fully

PortGo  v.6.0

The newest SIP softphone. PortGo is built base on PortSIP VoIP SDK, allowing users to enjoy multimedia communications in a dynamic way.Featuring an intuitive interface,


TekENUM  v.

A strong ENUM Server. TekENUM is a ENUM [The E.164 to Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI) Dynamic Delegation Discovery System (DDDS) Application (ENUM)] server (Based on RFC 3761) runs under Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7, 2003-2008 Server).

IToolabs Communicator  v.1.4.19

Recognizing high demand for Unified Communications Solutions, ITooLabs presents the ITooLabs Communicator product, designed especially to meet SMB and Enterprises needs.

DialPRO  v.1.10

This program is a TAPI address list with advanced features. The program can control your TAPI device and interacts with it to search caller information in your address lists. If your contact database can be accessed via ODBC,

My T-Mobile  v.1.6

My T-Mobile is a sidebar gadget, let you to view details from your "My T-Mobile" billing site. Unbilled usage and current allowance. It'll only really work for a few FlexT accounts, hope it works for you outstanding.Requirements: * Registered

Sony Ericsson PC Companion  v.2.10.079

Easily manage your Sony Ericsson data from your PC. Sony Ericsson PC Companion is a utility that acts as a portal to Sony Ericsson and operator features and applications, such as phone program updates, online user service connections,

3CX Phone System - Free Edition  v.9.0.14507.814

3CX Phone System is an IP based PBX system that can totally replace a proprietary hardware PBX.

CwTool  v..5c

cwTool (cdmaworkshoptool) is a software that parses cdma worksop items: NV Item reads(to remove plain text) and bin dumps(to find SPC/MSL)1.

CallerID  v.1.2

This software registers incoming calls and identifies a phone number over an ISDN line. You can add names to the incoming calls and get statistics for each person,

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