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PerMUbeat  v.1.0

perMUbeat is an essential tool for any drummer, percussionist, music educator, and others interested in making and hearing beats. It is the perfect product to develop coordination between the hands and feet.

MP3 Diags  v. Unstable

MP3 Diags is a GUI-based software that allows end-users to identify issues with their MP3 files, fix some of the issues and make other changes, like adding track information. It also lets you "look inside" an MP3 file. Unlike some programs that are


Spotify SPEAK!  v.2.0

Spotify is a new, popular music resource on the Internet that holds millions of mp3s. Spotify SPEAK. allows Spotify to be controlled by interactive speech, using speech recognition and text-to-speech.

CodeTalk  v.Alpha

CodeTalk is a software that lets you code using speech recognition. Although meant for C#, any programming can be supported. Although meant for C#,

MIDIMaster Karaoke  v.1.0

Turn your PC into a karaoke recording studio. Set the tempo you like, find the right key for your voice, adjust the mix and instrumentation in your MIDI or KAR file, and you are set to start recording your vocals.

GT-iMedia  v.

The iTunes alternative for you, GT-iMediais a replacement for iTunes or used with iTunes if music is purchased througth it, elsewhere there is no need except for updating firmware in accordance to device.

ID3 Tag Workshop  v.0.2.0

ID3 Tag Workshop is a easy to use MP3 tag editor.It supports MP3 ID3 tag version 1.0,1.1,2.3,and 2.4.MP3 ID3Tag Workshop is a freeware,you can use and redistribute it freely,but there is no warranty,

MP3 Boss  v.0.683

Allows you to easily and fully manage and play your music files. Finally an EASY way to manage ALL of your audio files in one place.

IPhone Battery Gadget  v.2009.11.02

iPhone Battery Gadget is a skinnable gadget with 6 skins, capitalizes on existing skins for iPhone or iPod battery meter.

WMP Tag Plus  v.2.1

WMP Tag Plus is a Windows Media Player plug-in that adds support for reading and writing tags (metadata) of MPEG4, FLAC, Vorbis and WavPack files.After installing WMP Tag Plus, files of these formats will be added to the WMP library,

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