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Backav Audio Video Proxy 64bit  v.21.1.0

Want to backup videos or audios you watch at various sites? Like to record it while you watch them? Well here is your tool. Run our BackAV software and watch videos in the browser. BackAV will save the streams while you watch it in the browser.

Shareaza Turbo Booster  v.3.9.0

Shareaza Turbo Booster is a potent add-on to Shareaza P2P application. Most modern technology used augmentdownload speed and enlarges the amount of download sources.


Alpha Polaris  v.1.2

Alpha Polaris serves a murderous and ice

World Basketball Manager  v.1.2

World Basketball Manager (WBM) is a basketball strategy game. It uses the same game

ECrawler  v.1.0

Download every file of a specific type from a website. ECrawler enable you to grap files of a certain type from a website. Give it a URL (preferably a page with a lot of links on it), and it will crawl through all the possible pages it can find,

OTRload  v.1.05

Yet another download manager. The Open Source OTR Download Manager. OTRload will give you a very easy access to the files that interest you and you can manage the download of large files in a much simpler manner. The proxy support that it is being

ESaver  v.

Save all the images from a webpage. eSaver (Image Saver) is used for save all the images from a webpage, It is totally free.eSaver is very easy-to-use, You can simply capture the URL of a webpage by using the mouse,

SeqDownload  v.1.12

SeqDownload is a software to automatically download the same (image) file over and over. It is useful for images that are changing frequently, for example weather radars, statistical displays etc.

OpenImage Freeware  v.

Batch download images from webpages. OpenImage is a simple but useful tool for batch downloading images from webpages. Features: 1. Download images from webpages by simply one click. 2. Filter images by filetypes and size range. 3. Automatically

LeechGet 2007  v.2.1

LeechGet 2007 is a download manager that seamlessly integrates into Internet Explorer, allowing you to easily start and manage your downloads. It also includes a full featured FTP client to download,

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