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Cooliris Previews  v.1.85

Cooliris Previews is a Firefox extension that enables you to hover your mouse over a search engine result in Google, eBay and Craigslist, and preview the page (or image) in a popup dialog without having to leave the result page.

SmartGrabber  v.2.51

This Internet Explorer plug-in allows you to save Flash movies, QuickTime movies, RealPlayer movies, MediaPlayer movies, pictures and other files loaded with a Web page.


IE-Split  v.2.1

IE-Split is an Internet Explorer Add-on, that split's the browser Window into half. This allows you to drag and drop links from one window to the other without leaving the page. It's a outstanding solution for reading blogs, news sites etc.

ProCon Latte  v.3.3

ProCon Latte is a personal content filtering extension for the Firefox browser, designed to protect children from inappropriate Internet.

GViewer  v.0.0.5

gViewer is a Firefox extension that opens a multitude of document types in Google Viewer, opens PDF, PowerPoint, DOC and DOCX files in Google Viewer. This Extension works like your default PDF Plugin,

Follow2 Lite  v.1.2.1

The Follow2 Add-on for Firefox is a Site Update Notifier which allows you to get on-line updated information from your favorite sites, blogs, forums and more.

WhatsIsMyIP  v.1.0-1

WhatsIsMyIP is Opera extension, tells you public IP, your hostname and your UserAgent. Using this Opera extension you will be able to see what is your public IP address, your hostname and your useragent.

Parasite  v.0.2.5

Parasite is a Firefox extension, enable switching to the same page between hosting environments. In other words, open the same file path on a different domain name. Useful when working on a Web project that has multiple hosts/staging

Opera Backup Professional  v.

Opera Backup Professional is a simple backup tool for Opera browser configuration, allows you to totally backup the configuration for your Opera browser including backup of off-line emails.

URLEncoder  v.1.0.1

Tool to encode/decode URLs. URLEncoder enable you to encode website addresses.Requirements: *

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