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Convertor  v.

Convertor is used for basic conversions like celsius to farenheit etc..

Balls & Walls  v.

Metro Themed Game - The full global challenge version is now ready for you to play. We want you to experience the game so we are now supporting a trial. It is fully featured up to 10 levels. This game is playable for the game beginner but will


Finger Cutter  v.

Turn your Mobile into a finger cutter! With this app your phone will cut your finger on touching it, and the screen will be splashed with a squishy, gooey, green gel!

VTowerDefense  v.

vTowerDefense is more than a tower defense game. Your gol is to kill 10 enemies for each level, without die before! After 15 levels you'll fight against a BOSS! There are two ways to kill enemies: 1. Using your defense weapons (you can use how many

FCaro  v.

Developed by Nguyen Viet Trieu Caro or XO

FallingBirds  v.

FallingBirds is recommended and featured by APPDEALS, #1 app for Windows Phone deals Funny puzzle game. Help the bird to reaches the nest, dodging bombs, collect stars and earn points. Use tools to bounce on the screen, such as trampolines,

Giganto-Boros Defense  v.

Defend your city from the gigantic snake that's terrorizing your city. Place turrets around town to shoot the snake before it eats it's own tail and completely destroys your city. Note: This game was made for this year's (2012) Global Game Jam with

Grepolis  v.

Gestalte die Antike mit dem kostenlosen Browsergame Grepolis auf deine Weise. Schmiede in Grepolis mächtige Allianzen mit deinen Mitspielern und nutze die Macht der griechischen Götter Zeus, Poseidon, Hera, Athene oder Hades.

Mi MiniClip  v.


Magic Black Market  v.

You could buy and sell something dangerous in the black market, like the baby dragon, the horn of unicorn. You may be hurt by some evil wizards or witches, cheated by Leprechauns. Some deals are illegal and will decrease your fame, but as

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