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Visual Delta controller  v.3

cross platform OpenGL visualizer to teach Delta3 robot concepts.

VCAKE  v.1.1

VCAKE is a genetic sequence assembler capable of assembling millions of small nucleotide reads even in the presence of sequencing error.

Advertisement  v.1.0


Vec2ngc  v.0.1.0

Simple CAM program for creating RS274NGC gcode from vector format files like DXF CF2 PLT.

VectorAlgebra  v.0.2.2

VectorAlgebra is a Mathematica-package which implements various functions for simple vector calculations in d-dimensional spaces with constant metrics.

VectorGIS  v.1.0

Tools for creating interactive svg maps from GIS data

VersusSNP  v.1.3

The program versusSNP is a flexible tool for mining SNPs between two close related genomes.

VrmlStudio  v.1.0

Vrml Project and Java Development CRMa€?

WebMapReduce  v.1.0.2

A web-based interface for the Hadoop MapReduce framework that simplifies the process of writing and running MapReduce jobs.

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