Mobile - Terminal Emulation


Freefloat Access  v.2.5

A Terminal Emulator for handheld computer terminals running Windows CE, Windows Mobile or Windows Embedded Handheld. All three major emulation modes are including VT, 3270, 5250. Includes a user designable keyboard and script Engine.

Inet/Winet Terminal Emulator  v.6.39

A powerful, full-featured terminal emulation suite that is compatible with most versions of Windows in current use.


Telscript  v.

telscript is a telnet server, which supports lua or python(need install SL4A) script.

Jagacy TN3270 Terminal Emulator  v.2.0

Jagacy TN3270 is an easy to use3270 terminal emulator.

ZaTelnet Light for MS Smartphone  v.1.6.1

Telnet client fro device with Microsoft Compact Framework 1.

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