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Bank of Melbourne  v.

Bank of Melbourne Mobile Banking for Windows Phone 7 # Access to Bank of Melbourne Mobile Banking Secure single password entry (after validation) Check the balance of your accounts Check the 30 most recent transactions on your accounts Find the

Calculadora de Descontos  v.

Aplicação simples onde a partir da introdução do preço original e respectivo desconto,


My Sales  v.

Use My Sales for track revenue and expenses of your small business, from the comfort of your phone. My Sales allows you to manage your products and sales. You can monitor real-time prices and product costs and can check the current stock of them,

Ticket(s) Pro  v.

With Ticket(s) you can store all your tickets and receipts so you never have to remember where you put them. You can: Take a picture of your ticket and save it locally. Geolocate your receipt and remember where you purchased your items. Link

Truckers Tools  v.

Truckers Tools is a “how much will I make” calculator for truck drivers, small business trucking owners and people that just love calculators. Or, if you just want to know, how long it will take to travel 350 miles at 62MPH,

MyWallet  v.

myWallet is a simple and easy to use personal finacial program for Windows Phone 7. With myWallet, you can easily monitor and manage your financial status weekly, monthly and yearly. myWallet also provides budget management feature for you to

ExchangeRate  v.

Exchange rate through currency exchange rates currency exchange rates can be found more than 150 countries and regions, and conversion.

Aarthic  v.

Aarthic (aar-thik), comes from ancient Sanskrit for "finance". It helps you split bills with friends in a polite and connected way, all on your phone! It's a free, social, money application to track expenses you share with friends, roomies,

Média  v.

Aplicativo que tem a função de calcular suas médias em km/l,

Genius Prezzi  v.

When you don't know which item is more convenient Genius Percentuali comes to your help. You tell him the price and the unit price,

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