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HelpPayMe  v.

Plain and simple this is an app for users to manage their paypal accounts. It is especially useful for users with a paypal debit card. With the app you can send money, request money, view transactions and your current balance. Note: You do need to

Lunch Savings Calculator  v.

How much can you save by bringing your lunch to work instead of eating out? This calculator will help you find out! Enter the amount of money spent on an average lunch, with the number of times you eat out. Then,


Sterling Mobile  v.

Sterling Mobile provides a platform for its customers to perform Internet Banking services eg; Balance Enquiry Funds Transfer Account Statement ATM services Block card and many

Finance News  v.

Feeds from CNN Money, Bloomberg, Barrons, Yahoo,

TuListaDeLaCompra  v.

Olvídate de escribir cada producto, su precio o descripción, TuListaDeLaCompra Lite te muestra las imágenes de los productos que buscas, así como la descripción, cantidad, categoría, marca y precio aproximado de venta. Ya puedes crear tu

Dr. Liemen Depot-Brief  v.

Den „Dr. Liemen Depot-Brief“, mit Anlagestrategien und Taktiken für ertrags- und sicherheitsorientierte Anleger, gibt es jetzt auch als App für Ihr Windows-Smartphone. Die Funktionen: • Depotübersicht mit klaren Handlungsempfehlungen •

IndianTaxCalculator  v.

Update version 1.1.0 Slab rate updated to current financial year 2012-13. Tax calculation is not any more complicated for the Indian mobile user. The Indian Tax Calculator makes tax calculation as easy as 1, 2 3. It’s an intuitive app, built for

Metrowe  v.

Forget your wallet? Run out of change? Feeling generous? Metrowe keeps track of the money that goes into and comes out of your wallet. Never again worry about remembering who owes what when. Using this handy app you can easily record when a

Stocks and News  v.

With an emphasis on precious metals, this application shows bar and coin prices from COMEX, displays the latest commodities news, and lets you look up any stock on Yahoo!

EZ Tip  v.

Very simple and easy to use tip calculator. Use it at a restaurant, bar, etc., to calculate what your tip should be for a given percentage.

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