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CareFor U  v.

health care make a better

5 Asian Meals  v.

Developed by Malin De Silva Try 5 new Asian Meals that would taste your meal. It has a simple and easy guidance to make from the


Gymwolf Pro  v.

Gymwolf Pro has all the features from Gymwolf, plus the all the ads are removed! Gymwolf helps you track and analyze your gym and cardio workouts easily and makes it fun to do. With the Gymwolf Pro mobile application you can add your workout data



Weight Manager  v.

This Apps let's you manage your weight easily You can keep a record of your weight and BMI You can set your goal weight that you want to achieve and then see your progress with it It encourages you to achieve your desired weight by telling your how

WeightClassDetermination  v.

This app determines your weight division under the WBO weight classes by providing your weight in

Stress_At_Work  v.

It describes how to handle stress at

Urban Yoga Spa  v.

The Urban Yoga Spa application provides quick, easy access to our yoga schedule and contact information, as well as a simple practice-tracking calendar. Features also include live schedule information detailing class time and instructor.

Sit Up Trainer  v.

Sit Up Trainer will create a personalized training profile based on your current condition. You can choose a goal of 50, 100 or 200 sit ups and the application will guide you through the training sessions,

Heads Up Speedometer  v.

Wow, this is like being in Bond movies. Stick this speedometer on your car dashboard facing up and see your speed reflected onto your windscreen. See for more info, or to see it in action v1.1 update - fixed issue with trial

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