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Duo, a Crazy Eight Card Game  v.1.0

Duo is a Crazy Eight card game (think Uno) written in Python, translated in many languages.

Eclipse Bridge  v.1.0

eBridge implements the classic card game Bridge.


Escoba de 15  v.1.0

Escoba de 15 is a classic card game.

Freecell on Canvas  v.1.0

This version of the popular Freecell card game can be played on any canvas-enabled browser, without installing anything.

Ideenmanufaktur Games Project  v.0.4.0beta

A compilation of games mainly written in Java for education and entertainment.

Java Card Games  v.20101230

AplicaciAln cliente/servidor para jugar a las cartas por internet.

Java Solitaire Project  v.1.0

Klondike solitaire game written in Java Swing/AWT by two first year computer science/engineering students for a school project.

JMhing  v.beta.0.1

JMhing is a java implementation of the card game "Mhing".

Jokers  v.1.0

'Jokers' is a card game coded in Java.

JSkat  v.0.10.1

JSkat is an implementation of the German card game Skat in Java.

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