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Prot-On for Mac  v.1.2.2

Prot-On for Mac is an application that allows you to protect, manage and track the use of all kinds of files that are shared on the Internet, by e-mail or through a cloud service.

Keynesis Lockngo Professional / Hybrid  v.6.0

Hard Drive Encryption Software for External Disks.


PureVPN Software for Mac [beta]  v.0.2

PureVPN is operated by GZ Systems Ltd.

SteadyCrypt for Mac OS X  v.2.4

SteadyCrypt is a java-based open source encryption tool for quickly encrypting confidential files to prevent unauthorized usage.

Keyparc for Mac OS X  v.

Keyparc works on most computers - Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Registrator for Mac OS X  v.7.1

The Registrator is a simple application desiged to decrypt the products from Einhugur Software and other vendors with your serial number.

Secure PDF - LockLizard Protected PDF Mac viewer  v.2.5.36

PDF secure Mac viewer software with copy protection.

Keeper Desktop for Mac  v.5.1

KeeperOao is the best application available to safely store your secret passwords, account numbers, website logins, notes, lists and other business or personal information on your laptop or desktop computer.

PasswordMaker for Mac OS X  v.0.7.0

A port of the Firefox PasswordMaker plugin to a standalone Java application.

Password Tote for Mac  v.2.0.6

The use of Password Tote allows you to secure your passwords, as well as ensure they are secure-to-use passwords.

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