Mac - Security & Privacy


ProtectMac AntiVirus  v.1.2.2001

The next generation security product for Mac OS X, ProtectMac AntiVirus allows you to scan any area of your computer or network for both Mac and non-Mac malware.

VirusBarrier Express  v.1.0

VirusBarrier Express is a free antivirus and anti-malware tool based on the award-winning technology of Intego's VirusBarrier X6.


SharedSecrets  v.1.0.0

The programm sharedSecrets is Freeware.

RiftVault  v.1.2

Securing your top-secret information on your computer, from credit card numbers to confidential files, has never been easier or more fun.

RPG (Widget Edition)  v.1.0

RPG is a password generator that addresses the need for random passwords (and other random character strings) of specific lengths and constitutions.

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