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GreekTranscoder  v.1.0.2

GreekTranscoder is a program which converts polytonic Greek characters written using one text encoding into another one.

ViInputManager  v.0.3

This bundle patches the Cocoa Text System to add a Vi-like command mode.


VoodooPad Pro  v.4.1.2002

VoodooPad Pro is a new kind of notepad.

Dejal Caboodle  v.1.1.2004

Everyone comes across information that they want to refer to later.

FileFire Express  v.

FileFire Express is an indispensable cross-platform FileMaker plug-in that improves the way you import and reference external files.

Clipcounter  v.1.0

Often, we have to write things to a word limit but for quick drafts perhaps not open a proper word processor, preferring something nimble like TextEdit, but at the expense of a word count.

Help Me Write  v.1.0

Help Me Write was developed for the visually impaired.

OCRKit  v.1.0.2

OCRKit uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to recognize the text in the graphic, which is particular useful for PDFs received via e-mail, created by DTP, office applications, with a scanner or copier.

Solid PDF to Word  v.1.0 Build 61

Turn your PDFs into Word documents you can edit.

Latexian  v.1.0.2

Latexian is a revolutionary, new LaTeX editor for Mac OS X.

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