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Text Count  v.1.1

About Text Count Provides quick and easy control over word counts,oversets and space assigning in InDesign or InCopy documents.

Writer's Companion  v.1.1

Designed to be the ONE program that you need to implement the entire writing process, this program was developed based on years of experience in working with students who struggled with the writing and an extensive review of the research related to t


Yaced  v.1.3.2001

This is a drag-and-drop installation of Carbon Emacs and AUCTeX for MacOS X 10.

TCOBrowser  v.0.80

TCOBrowser is a Mac OS X viewer application for the TeX Catalogue Online, which has descriptions of many packages and add-ons for TeX.

Plain Clip Plug  v.2.0.1

Plain Clip Plug is a plugin for Spark (a very nice freeware hotkey application) which removes any formatting from text which is on the clipboard.

GreekTranscoder  v.1.0.2

GreekTranscoder is a program which converts polytonic Greek characters written using one text encoding into another one.

ViInputManager  v.0.3

This bundle patches the Cocoa Text System to add a Vi-like command mode.

VoodooPad Pro  v.4.1.2002

VoodooPad Pro is a new kind of notepad.

Dejal Caboodle  v.1.1.2004

Everyone comes across information that they want to refer to later.

FileFire Express  v.

FileFire Express is an indispensable cross-platform FileMaker plug-in that improves the way you import and reference external files.

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