Linux - Password Management Tools


DecryptMSN  v.1.2

DecryptMSN allow you recover lost or forgotten password for your MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger accounts.

PWMinder (Linux)  v.1 2

In this age, it seems every web site, online store, online bank, social networking site, etc. asks you to create a login and password. We're told we should never re-use passwords, and password must not be something easily guessed. Most of us,


PasswordMaker for Linux  v.0.7.0

A port of the Firefox PasswordMaker plugin to a standalone Java application.

Silverlock for Linux  v.1.1.2

Silverlock is a secure password management application designed to ease the management of account credentials and related information.

GPassword Manager for Linux  v.2.4.0

GPassword Manager is a simple, lightweight yet very powerful application designed to help users manage passwords.

QSifre for Linux  v.2.0

QSifre is a simple and easy to use password management tool.

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