Linux - Mp3 Tools


Absolute Frequency Music Generator  v.0.1.0

A program that generates music (WAV-like files) from a specification of tones in absolute frequencies, rather than the normal well-defined tones.

Analysis-Resynthesis Sound Spectrograph  v.1.0

The Analysis & Resynthesis Sound Spectrograph analyses a sound file into a spectrogram and is able to synthesise this spectrogram, or any other user-created image, back into a sound.


Alkaline Jukebox  v.0.1

A complete web-based system to build a headless MP3 Jukebox, using Perl, PHP4 and MySQL.

Allegory  v.0.60

Allegory is a tool for electronic music.

Amber: a granular sampling tool  v.1.3.1

Amber is an easy-to-use, multi-faceted granular sampling tool for composers wishing to construct timbrally complex sounds; available as a command-line tool for Linux-similar operating systems, or with a Cocoa wrapper that runs on Macintosh OS X.

Arqlib  v.1.0

arqlib is a Java library that enables network communication with the Audio ReQuest (ARQ) home stereo MP3 player.

Audio Daemon  v.0.99beta

Audio Daemon is a perl module to daemonize various players and support a single UDP interace for different players.

BarRoom Jukebox  v.2

This is not another mp3player/organiser.

Cecilia  v.2.0.5

CECILIA is an environment for music and signal-processing that uses Csound as its underlying audio processing engine.

Channel29  v.29.0.20100927

channel29 is a Mylene audio player client, providing for running programs with Mylene servers and intercepting their back transmissions, effectively allowing information to be extracted continuously from the Mylene music servers

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