Linux - Recorders


Android TV Box  v.1

Android TV Box will help you to enjoy your free time or work. The newest Android TV supports internet on your TV for free.

Alis Recording Tool  v.0.7.0

Alis Recording Tool is a frontend for simultaneously capturing and recording audio using one or more soundcards as audio sources, as well as storing metadata for each recording.


AnywhereFM  v.0.12

AnywhereFM allows you to stream Last.

Aposh  v.5

Software to play interactive game "APOSH".

BabyTwitter  v.1.0

BabyTwitter is a simple Java-Tool that recognized Sounds with a certain level.

BlockParty  v.2.0

Getting new content onto your computer, iPod, or other MP3-compatible player has never been easier.

BlueWalk  v.1.0

(A WebWorm Crashed my website!

Butt (broadcast using this tool)  v.rc

butt (broadcast using this tool) is an easy-to-use, multi-OS streaming tool.

Capturetv  v.0.9.1

capturetv is a simple bash script which simplifies the process of capturing TV via MEncoder.

DarkIce  v.0.19

the DarkIce project has been moved to a new site at http://darkice.

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