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Minimum Profit for Linux  v.5.2.3

Minimum Profit is a reliable and highly-featured text editor designed especially for programmers.

Moon Planner for Linux 1.0.7 Beta  v.1.0

MoonPlanner is a Java calendar that allow to view moon's phases, moon's signs (constellations in which the moon is), and show the part of the plant corresponding to each sign (flower, fruit, leaf or root).


OpenProj for Linux  v.1.5.1

OpenProj is a free, open source project management solution.

SoftMaker Office for Linux 2012 Rev  v.675

Choose SoftMaker Office 2010 as your office suite, and you will get the job done in less time and with better results.

Pencil for Linux  v.2.0.3

Pencil is built for the purpose of providing a free and open-source GUI prototyping tool that people can easily install and use to create mockups in popular desktop platforms.

Rainlendar Pro for Linux 2.11 B127 Beta  v.1.0

Rainlendar is a full of features calendar tool which is quite simple to use and doesn't take much space on your desktop.

Perfect Diet Tracker for Linux  v.3.6.9

Perfect Diet Tracker is a very easy to use diet monitor software that will help you lose weight by tracking your daily calorific intake.

CAM Template Editor for Linux  v.2.3.3

JCam is an implementation of the open public OASIS Content Assembly Mechanism (CAM) specification.

CleanHaven for Linux  v.2.4

CleanHaven is a program designed to make the cleaning of text much easier.

Siren for Linux  v.3.10

Siren renames, moves and copies files using an expression.

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