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UninsHs  v.

This extension for Inno Setup allows you to easily add 'Repair/Modify/Remove' options to your installed applications. It is very small, the .exe file isn't required. Please read the readme file included in the package for further instructions on how to ...


Detects your installed security applications interoperability level with products from F5, Juniper, Cisco, HP, Fiberlink, TippingPoint, Dell, and more. 2. Detects interoperability errors with application manageability. 3. Lists any certifications your ...


River Past DirectShow Detective  v.

It shows you the complete list of your installed DirectShow filters, video compressors and audio compressors, their version and installed file.

Ever installed some software or codec pack and suddenly your whole system is messed ...

GameTracker Lite  v.1. 3. 2008

Integrate GameTracker into your desktop with the GameTracker app!
GT Lite offers the following features:

- Easily manage all of your installed games!
- Track games and servers where you play!
- Live updates to your GameTracker ...

FontFinder 32  v.

FontFinder 32TM from Sunshine Software allows you to quickly browse all your installed system fonts simultaneously by displaying each in its own font face. You can display the entire character set with it's decimal and hexadecimal equivalents; 4 different ...

SHI Ferret for Windows  v.1. 6. 2005

Inventory all of your installed software throughout your network:

- Discover software installed on every Windows computer attached to your network.
- Discover software installed on a specific list of computers found in your network.

Office Key Lite  v.1 1

Office Keylite Finds your Installed MS Office Product CD Keys, Of MS office XP, MS office 2003, MS Project. It Supports Office 2000, 2003, and Office XP.

FLEXnet Connect  v.6.10.64912

FlexNet Connect enables you to gain insights into what your installed base is using and values in your products. This will help you drive smarter product decisions and up-sell and cross-sell campaigns.

FlexNet Connect also delivers software ...

SoftwareUpdater  v.1. 1. 2004

Also, it is a software application designed to manage your installed software on your PC.
SoftwareUpdater is a desktop utility which provides a powerful management of your installed softwares.

Moo0 FontViewer  v.1 5

Moo0 FontViewer lets you see and test all your installed fonts at once, with any sample text of your choice.

Have you ever wondered which font to use for your design? Then, this may be the tool you've been looking for.


PatchBase  v.1 6

This software allow you to organize all your installed software's related info (as example it can be key codes, install/deinstall notes, patches data, patch-utility, upgrades and mode) into tree-like database with many capabilities: easy explore (like ...

FontFinder  v.5.99 Build 17

FontFinder allows you to quickly browse all your installed system fonts simultaneously by displaying each in its own font face. You can display the entire character set with it`s decimal and hexadecimal equivalents. Many different reports with on-screen ...

FreeEasy Font Viewer  v.2.0

FreeEasy Font Viewer is a simple and easy-to-use font viewer, that allows you to view all your installed fonts in a full screen window. You can change the size of the fonts and set bold, italic or underlined letters, and zoom in on a selected font. Useful ...

WinFontsView  v.1.10

WinFontsView is a small and simple font viewer that allows you to preview all your installed fonts with a text sample of your choice. The software can draw the fonts in bold, italic or underlined and display up to 5 samples for each, using different font ...

DefenceInspector  v.1.0

DefenceInspector will quickly scan your computer and generate a log file providing basic information about your computer and listing your installed security programs. In addition to listing security-based programs, version numbers and any additional ...

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