Your Arsenal


After The End

In your attempt of discovering the source of the evil raging all over the planet you will fight dreadful creatures with your arsenal of weaponry and special abilities. Nice 3D graphics and sound FX, 16 weapons and devices, 3 game modes (Campaign, Firing ...

Zombie War  v.1.3

Your arsenal includes a bomb, explosives, mines and a large variety of guns. You must defeat the zombies and reach the end. You have to fight through 10 levels and two bosses. The game has two kinds of music to help give you motivation and power to stop ...


PhraseBuilder  v.

PhraseBuilder is simple application to complement your arsenal when learning a foreign language!
It enables you to write down new sentences and tag them according to the context in which the sentence can be used.

Snowball Assault  v.

Throw your arsenal of snowballs, iceballs, rocks and snow grenades at the enemies and their Fort and show them who’s boss. Block return fire with your shield to survive! This action puzzler combines quick reflexes, diverse puzzles and physics-based ...

Shel's Shallow Skies  v.

With three different weapons in your arsenal, nothing can stand in your way as you fly through full 3D landscape. Do you accept your mission?

Crocodiles In Mid Air  v.4.7

Crocodiles, flying on balloons? Yes indeed! Defend your tower from
many different crocodiles and keep them from reaching the top. There will also be a variety of bonuses in
your arsenal, which help even the odds.
Record your score in the ...

Mac HelpMate  v.3.0

If you're a Mac support professional or consultant, or just want to help your Mac run more smoothly you need this application in your arsenal of troubleshooting tools. It can replace (with a subscription) a whole bunch of expensive products, including ...

Russian Cosmo Fly  v.1.7

Your task is to crush ALL that stands in your way! Your arsenal includes the best gear: gun, rockets, lasers and super weapons with "Russian power." Fire! Slow down time! Score points! Enjoy the brilliant explosions, laser cutting, and the storm of ...

Cosmo Invaders  v.1.9

Your arsenal includes spacecraft, missiles and a powerful machine gun. Immerse yourself into the colorful atmosphere of deep space and reach your final destination!
You turn up in an abandoned galaxy with lots of strangers. To break out and get ...

Impossible Chains HD  v.3.3

Need your help! Now! In your arsenal strongest preparates, but its won't help without your experience and personal control. Are You ready to accept the call? Simple and fascinating gameplay with HD-graphics and original music & fx. Play & Enjoy!
Wanna ...

DevastationZone Troopers

Upgrade your arsenal and buy power-ups on the black market. Use skill and firepower to destroy almost any object in your environment. Stop the construction of the Space Wrap Portal!

EditCNC  v.

Use EditCNC as part of your arsenal of CNC programming tools!
Experienced programmers know that different types of jobs require different methods for the most efficient programs. Sometimes it's your full blown CAD/CAM, sometimes MDI, and sometimes ...

Raptor Shareware  v.2 4

You can use that money to expand your arsenal, upgrading it with fourteen hard core weapons. The game can be played using keyboard, mouse or joystick. You can choose the level of difficulty between Training Mode, Rookie, Veteran or Elite. This game allows ...

Polls Producer  v.1.0

Polls Producer is an awesome marketing tool to add to your arsenal and it can easily be customized and designed according to your needs and desires.

PrintRipper  v.1.3.3 Build 170

With a little creativity, PrintRipper will prove to be a strong tool in your arsenal. You can use networked folders as your hot folders, utilize the border and watermarking overlays to create more complex chroma key effects, and even tie multiple ...

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