Working Example


ECONZ Timecard  v.1.1.0

A working example and libraries for the Open SOAP interface to ECONZ Wireless's Timecard application, a mobile timesheet software solution that enables employees to log time attendance and task information, remotely via their cell phone ...

Piracy Tracker

The source code included is a fully working example. Easy to implement. Unique Anti-Piracy solution that works. We have java, visual basic, c++, c# source code available. We also have a perl script available for you to use on your server.


Apex SQL Diff API  v.2011.02

It comes with a working example.

It can be used with any .Net language.

- Full API access to ApexSQL Diff's comparison and synchronization engine
- Create programs to schedule or automate comparison ...

SimpleDigitalLocomotive  v.0.4b23

2 (working example: mini-iDock).The next hardware you will need is a suitable cable to connect the RS.422 / RS.232 to Digital-Interface 6051. There are several sources on the internet to retrieve informations on how to patch the cable: http://www.heise.

Portfolio Showcase with Sortable Submenu  v.1

Additional info: Setup is very easy , you don't even need Flash to configure it; Files in package are assembled as a working example , so modification is very simple and takes little time; Fonts used in this project are free ( dafontcom ) and have been ...

Working Outlook to Lotus Notes  v.7.0

Are you looking for outstanding tool? Which you can simply Working IBM Lotus Notes from Microsoft Outlook so for SysTools Outlook to Notes (v7.0) software has been launched an specially designed for Migrate Outlook PST data to Lotus Notes NSF as they ...

Working Capital Calculator  v.1.03

Working Capital Calculator allows anyone to see an interactive, visual representation of the business profit / savings ratio for the money that can be either invested in a business or deposited in a savings account. It's the perfect tool for small business ...

Offline App Example  v.3.0

This is our final example. We call it "ex3" and comes with all basic functionality for apps hosted on It shows you how to use the AppCache (orga.appcache) manifest and syncs with the APIv1 - that will be updated soon to APIv2 - ...

CaseWare Working Papers  v.7 2

Work more efficiently and effectively
With powerful document management, real-time collaboration, direct scanning, online review, efficient clean-up, sophisticated lockdown and advanced roll-forward, Working Papers lets you work smarter and faster ...

Learn HTML By Example  v.1 5

That's why we built the "Learn HTML By Example" tool, a free tool you can add to your web site. It's easy to use, and there's a bunch of examples already built in. You just type in some HTML code in the middle box, and it immediately displays in the ...

Wood Working  v.

Bringing you the latest tips and techniques for wood working hobbyists ...

Crawl-By-Example (Heritrix plugin)  v.0.1

Crawl-By-Example runs a crawl, which classifies the processed pages by subjects and finds the best pages according to examples provided by the operator. Crawl-By-Example is a plugin to the Heritrix crawler, and was done as a part of GSoC06 program.

Example-based Development of Grammars  v.0.3.0

Example-based Development of Grammars (EDG) is a system implemented in Lisp for building natural language grammars andlexicons incrementally and interactively.

Maven JSF Richfaces Example  v.1.0

An example project using Maven 2, JSF, Richfaces, Tomahawk, JPA(Hibernate), Spring, etc...

Safety Talks Working at Heights  v.1.0

Safety Talks - Working at Heights (UK Edition) Welcome to Safety Talks - Working at Heights (UK Edition) for Mac OS X. Safety Talks is an illustrated training aid, covering all the main safety related topics for many industries in ...

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