Wireless Connection Questionnaire


Wireless Connection Monitor  v.1.0.0

Wireless Connection Monitor is a Windows desktop application that continuously monitors the status of your wireless network connection and ensures that your computer remains connected to your network at all times. In the event your wireless connection ...

Dell Wireless WLAN Utility  v.

The Dell WLAN Utility is a wireless connection manager included with Dell Truemobile Wireless Cards, version 5.1 has been completely rewritten to provide a more user friendly interface with wizards to help customers setup a basic wireless connection.


Wireless Grapher  v.0.5

Wireless Grapher is a Dashboard widget that graphs the wireless connection of your Airport or Airport Extreme card.Features the ability to update in the background and to control how quick samples are taken. Macpod Software.

BigScreen byRemote  v.

Big Screen ‘byRemote’ for Windows Phone 7 allows you to remotely access one or more of your Microsoft Windows 7 Media Center PC's directly from your phone (using 3G or wireless connection).

The ‘byRemote’ Windows Phone application provides ...

Notification Center  v.1.1

Notification Center is a Prefs Pane that allows you to perform actions when you lose your wireless connection or your computer sleeps or wakes or a Bluetooth device comes in range or different applications launch or quit.Actions that can be performed ...

KiSS Maclink  v.2.5.1

KiSS MacLink is a software sharing Video/Audio/Picture files between a Macintosh and a KiSS DVD/DivX Player with an Ethernet/Wireless connection. This is an alternative to KiSS PC-Link for Macintosh users. Linksys.

Wireless Wizard  v.5.2

The Wireless Wizard improves the use and reliability of any WiFi, WiMAX or cellular data network. It allows you to accurately aim your wireless adaptor, measure wireless performance and quickly identify and fix problems typically encountered on a wireless ...

D-Link Wireless Access Point Utility  v.2.0 Build 0022

D-Link Wireless Access Point Utility is a software for configuring and managing the DWL-900AP device, can remotely manage the DWL-900AP Wireless 2.4GHz (802.11b) Access Point.
The D-Link DWL-900AP is an IEEE 802.11b Wireless Access Point with point-to-point ...

TracerPlus Wireless Server  v.7.0

TracerPlus Wireless Server extends the functionality of TracerPlus by giving gives users the capability to share real-time information over WLAN/ WAN and cellular networks. TracerPlus Wireless Server connects TracerPlus equipped mobile workers via a wireless ...

Easy WiFi Radar  v.1.0.5

With Easy WiFi Radar you can find and connect to wireless access points of the net near your location.
You can perform searches for access points, locate their position on a radar analyze the power of each item located, displaying their IDs and connect, ...

Small Network Icons  v.2013.1

Small Network Icons is a royalty-free collection of pre-made high quality stock icons representing various network related items: network card, cable, network hub, wireless connection, network engineer, network security, administrator and others.

The ...

ThinkVantage Productivity Center  v.3 11

Message Center is your connection to Lenovo's award-winning support team. Messages can be custom-defined and delivered by IT administrators.

Learn about your computer - The Productivity Centre - Learn about your computer module provides you ...

ASIS  v.9.0

It captures the data passing through your dial-up connection or network Ethernet card, analyzes the data and represents it in a readable form. ASIS is an useful tool for network administrators, security specialists, network application developers and ...

Vodafone Mobile Broadband  v.

Vodafone Mobile Broadband (formerly Vodafone Mobile Connect) includes everything you need to open a mobile network or WLAN Wireless Local Area Network connections from your laptop or notebook.Features:
1. Clear stylish simple to use interface

OCTOPUS+  v.1.0

If you have more than one Wi-Fi adapter in your computer, you can connect to more than one wireless connection. You can couple LAN, 3G/4G, Wi-Fi or DSL all on one computer with OCTOPUS+ to get the full benefits.

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