Windows Static Library


Windows Icon Library

The Windows icon Collection Set is ideal for system software, security software, utilities software.

UniquE RAR File Library  v.0.4

The UniquE RAR File Library is a platform-independent, small and fast static library for decompressing RAR files (RAR archives are created with WinRAR). Full RAR v2.0 file format support of all compression methods, including multimedia compression and ...


Dll to Static Lib  v.1 2

DLL to Static Lib is a very useful tool for programmer. It can convert a DLL into its equivalent static library file. And the conversion process does not require any source codes of the DLL. After the conversion, you can replace the DLL with the static ...


WIN32 DLL and static library in one package.Not WMI, only windows API.Very small and fast. No need for administrative rights.Just one function call to remember.Use it with C/C++, VB,Delphi,XBASE++,FOX...

DLL to Lib  v.3.0

DLL to Lib is a magical tool which can convert a DLL file into its equivalent static library file. After that, you can replace the original DLL file with the static library file, rebuild your application, and distribute it without the DLL file!

Album Art Fixer  v.2.0

It scans your albums of your windows media library for any errors and empty or generic album art. AV Album Art Fixer is able to read your all albums from your windows media library and show all albums in its Album Box at the top left. You can select ...

PocketBible Matthew Henry's Concise  v.1.0

0 is a software plug-in etext for the PocketBible for Windows software library program that was designed to give readers an easy method of Bible study.

The PocketBible program for Windows was also developed for portability and it can be installed ...

PocketBible Morning & Evening (ME)  v.1.0

0 is a software plug-in ebook for the PocketBible for Windows software library program designed to make bible study easier.

PocketBible for Windows is an application program that provides an electronic library platform for all the PocketBible ...

Soap Generate Gear  v.

Soap Generate Gear can directly compile and generate a source code to be dll or static library. The program can also generate a makefile if your protocol is designed for linux or unix platform. Using this tool, you will find an soap programming, an debug ...

VMeisoft SPY for MAC  v.1.1.2

Can be used for debugging the compiled binaries or third-party binary dynamic or static library file. This tool is used to modify, redirect function import. Can also be used to monitor function calls or Redefining Function.

Movie Library Organizer Pro  v.2.9

Movie Library Organizer Pro: is a complete movie library management software for Windows. It's a perfect choice for the following movie libraries: school library, church library, corporation library, non-profit organization library, business library, ...

Bonus Vista Icon Library

Business icon Library
Core icon Library
Database icon Library
Document icon Library
File Folder icon Library
Folder icon Library
Multimedia icon Library
Network icon Library
World Flags icon Library
Vista icon Library
Vista Business icon Library
Windows icon Library ...

Library Barcode Books Audio Video CD DVD  v.

Library barcode books audio video CD DVD software frequently produces excellent quality and printable library barcode stickers in multiple dimensions. Expertise barcode ribbon building application is highly interactive tool that makes good looking, sparkling ...

K8055 User Interface and Library (Mac)  v.1.0

Included is a static library which can be used for developing other applications and closely replicates the Velleman Windows .DLL functions.

Aztec Encoder SDK/LIB for Windows Mobile  v.2.0

Aztec Code is a high density 2 dimensional matrix style bar code symbology that can encode up to 3832 numeric or 3067 alphabetic characters or 1914 bytes of data. The symbol is built on a square grid with a bulls-eye pattern at its center. Data is encoded ...

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