Who Invented The Submarine


Who Is The Killer (Episode One)  v.1.0

Everyday someone dies and you need to figure out who is the killer. Everybody has a common mystery story of the past. Everybody could have a motive to do this. And you have only seven days ...

Who's The Sober Driver  v.

Need a new way to pick the sober driver?

This little app is loaded with games to choose who's sober for the night!

I'll be updating the games list as regulary as I can, Send all your game ideas to:

James@Nerdcave.co.nz ...


They Like Darkness III  v.2.6

They, those who like the darkness ... Who are they? No one knows. Because, after meeting with them no one was left alive to talk of them. The hero of this game was going through the forest from a business trip and had no idea that this night could be ...

The Sudoku Challenge  v.

Are you a fan of puzzles? You are not a genius at math but like playing with numbers?Then get ready to enjoy the most amazing numbers puzzle ever invented!
The Sudoku Challenge, is an ideal game for those who like reasoning and showing their skills.

HdO Adventure 20000 Leagues Under the  v.1.106

Professor Pierre Aronnax, his assistant Conseil and the harpoonist Ned Land are captured by Captain Nemo, who travels the world's oceans on board the Nautilus submarine. Although impressed by the beauty of the seabed, our three friends hope to escape ...

The Three Stooges - Treasure Hunt  v.1.0

Who haven't laugh to death with these three hilarious characters? Who could have forgotten their fun adventures, getting into trouble all the time? Well, for those who love the three most famous stooges in the history this game can be a good choice. But, ...

Tri Peaks 2 Quest For The Ruby Ring  v.

For those who know the previous edition is good to mention that they won't find too many changes in this new one, but a slight change in the interface style. Once again, the solitaire follows the story of a couple in the quest for this supposedly cursed ...

The Tale of Beowulf Sometime King of the Folk of t  v.

Beowulf tells the story of a mysterious young warrior who saves the Spear-Danes from the terrible monster Grendel and his venomous mother. Beowulf is one of one of the oldest folktales. Beowulf depicts the adventures of a Scandinavian warrior of the ...

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs  v.

Who is the fairest of them all?" ★★

Enjoy this beautiful retelling of Snow White, a must- have for every child’s bookshelf.

The Queen, Snow White's evil stepmother repeatedly asks her mirror who is the fairest of the all. The ...

The Rock Roll Quiz Book  v.

Are you a rock ‘n’ roll fan? Can you name the artists from yesteryear who started the rock ‘n’ roll craze and the songs that made them famous? Do you consider yourself to be an expert on rock ‘n’ music? If so, why not find out how much you ...

The True Story of Christopher Columbus  v.

The True Story of Christopher Columbus who led the American advance and discovered the New World. Presented in a simple, straightforward format which is a joy to read, the book chronicles his life from childhood to his becoming the Great Admiral.

This ...

The Reflex Challenge  v.

Over 1,000 Downloads!

How fast are you? How good are your reflex?

Take the Reflex Challenge and find out!

Challenge your friends and family and see who is the fastest of you all ...

Faster Than The Eye  v.

The first, who touches the button
But do not get nervous or angry
or you are going to LOSE.
The most addictive and funny game has arrived ...

Blow up the bottle  v.

The winner is the player who explodes the bottle in the shortest time. So, press Play button to start the game. To warm the bottle, move rapidly the phone according to the helping picture on the screen. (Rotating or shaking depending on the gyroscope ...

Remove The Sticks  v.

The player who removes the last stick loses.

This update contains:
- Bug fixes.
- Single Player Game.
- Enhanced Tutorials.

- Elie Antoun (App Developper)
- Nicolas Zaatar (Interface Developper)
- ...

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