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My Dream Digest

My Dream Digest is a fast, powerful and user-friendly dream interpretation software that gives you a comprehensive interpretation of any and every dream of yours. All you need to do is search from a vast list of dream symbols that you may have dreamt ...

GSky Digest  v.0.4

gSky Digest is an application which informs you concisely about any astronomical event of the visible sky which is happening in your vicinity. This lightweight application provides the positions of various objects of the solar system. Once you have downloaded ...


Sysinternals Toolbox WebDAV  v.3. 9. 2011

The new Sysinternals Toolbox release is now directly accessing the utilities from the Sysinternals WebDAV sever on the Internet. All utilities there are always current and maintained by the Sysinternals team. Many of you, uses quite a few of the Sysinternals ...

Check Digest  v.1.0

Very simple tool to verify MD5 or SHA1 digest of any given file. Check Digest process the digest of any file you wish. Effective and easy to use.

Digest Hex Compute  v.0.1.0

Digest (MD5, SHA1) hex compute UI tool. Digest Hex Compute can store hash (digest) of software user passwords in the database encoded as hex string.Requirements:
* Java ...

Horoscope Digest  v.

Daily horoscope digest from AOL, Yahoo, MSN Live, cosmopolitan, Dailyhoroscopes.com, tarot.com, Horoscope.com, Astrology.com and more
All in one application, dont waste time browsing diferent horoscopes, here you will find all in one ...

WebDAV Explorer  v.

With WebDAV Explorer it is possible to access your files on a server with WebDAV support. This App is especially
useful if you have a NAS device (e.g. from Synology or QNAP) and you want to access your files you have stored on the NAS.


Mobility Digest  v.

Mobility Digest is your source for all things Windows Phone, Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and anything else Mobility!

-full article text displays in app
-when in text only mode, articles are loaded instantaneously
-option ...

WebDAV tool for Frontier/Radio  v.1.1b1

WebDAV tool for Frontier/Radio is a plug-in that allows Frontier's Website Framework and Manila static rendering output, and Radio UserLand upstreaming via WebDAV. It provides limited support for WebDAV as specified by RFC 2518. The PUT, DELETE and MKCOL ...

Davenport WebDAV-CIFS (SMB) Gateway  v.0.9.11

Davenport is a servlet-based WebDAV gateway to a CIFS network. This allows you to access Windows/Samba shares using any web browser. WebDAV clients (such as Windows Web Folders) can upload and download from the shares as if they were local folders.

Digest::Auth  v.0.1.4

Robust Perl OO Module for Digest based Authentication leveraging DBI as a backend. This Performance oriented Hash Authentication Library is scalable from single pc to multi-database single signon www applications. Optionally uses Javascript and Cookies.

PanDAV - a WebDAV library and server  v.1.0

PanDAV is a project comprising of a WebDAV server library (in Python) and a simple WebDAV file server, written to be extremely easy to use and extend.

WebDAV Client  v.1.0

Integrate a WebDAV folder from any server in the operating system automatically.Features:- Encrypted connection via https- Automatic launch of the app at login- Automatic connect at startup- Secure storage of login data ...

WebDAV Client PRO  v.1.2.2001

Be connected to all your WebDAV shares.WebDAV Client PRO reconnect all your shares whenever your Mac comes online.

Directory Digest  v.1 2

Directory compare & integrity check tool. Unlike most directory compare tools, it is intended for use in cases, when two directories can not be directly compared. Main features: compare directories on computers that are not connected, compare the same ...

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